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Wandering into the exciting area of redirection and guideline, Edgardo Canales emerges as a captivating figure, immaculately blending his ability as an American entertainment legitimate instructor with his spearheading attempts. While he’s for the most part perceived as the perfect partner of respected performer Adria Arjona, Edgardo’s master cycle and individual achievements shimmer magnificently through their own effort. In this sharp examination, we strip back the layers of Edgardo Canales’ life, plunging into his enlightening establishment, business course, and the driving forward through affiliation he confers to Adria Arjona. Oblige us as we uncover the persuading story regarding Edgardo Canales, a man whose responsibilities to both the genuine and redirection fields have made an extremely durable difference.

Who is Edgardo Canales?

Edgardo Canales is predominantly perceived as the soul mate of the esteemed Puerto Rican performer, Adria Arjona, who has set up a solid groundwork for herself in the US. Brought into the world in 1987, he at this point stays at 36 years of age. Edgardo seeks after a job as an American redirection legitimate instructor and business visionary. While Adria Arjona has been the focal point of consideration for over 10 years, Edgardo’s own public acknowledgment expanded after their 2019 marriage. This article plans to loosen up the parts of Edgardo Canales’ life, integrating his own insight, early pursuits, and current endeavors.

Recognized predominantly as the spouse of Puerto Rican entertainer Adria Arjona, Edgardo Canales is additionally outstanding for his jobs as a diversion attorney and business person. His association with the cultivated entertainer impelled him into the public eye, drawing interest in his own set of experiences. This article plans to give understanding into Edgardo’s expert process, individual life, actual qualities, and monetary remaining as of the year 2024.

Edgardo Canales Biography

Edgardo Canales was brought into the world in 1987 and is initially from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Beginning around 2024, he stays as the sidekick of performer Adria Arjona, who is 37 years old.

Given the Identity Demonstration of 1940, Puerto Rico earned respect as a U.S. domain, subsequently giving programmed American citizenship to people brought into the world after January 13, 1941, including Edgardo.

Edgardo’s double citizenship represents a combination of Puerto Rican genealogy and legitimate connection with the US, denoting a huge part of his personality and legacy.

Edgardo Canales Wiki

Full/Real nameEdgardo Rafael Canales Guastella
Nick/Popular nameEdgardo Canales
Birth dateNovember 1987
BirthplaceSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Native countrySan Juan
Age (As of 2023)36 years old
Zodiac SignScorpio
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherMr. Canales
MotherMrs. Sunny Guastella
Marital statusMarried
SpouseAdriatic Arjona (m. 2014)
Famous ForBeing Adria Arjona’s Husband
Height6’0″, 183cm
Weight85Kg, 187lbs
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlack
CollegeUniversity of Puerto Rico and Southwestern Law School

Edgardo Canales Education

Resulting to continuing on from Boston School’s Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of The chiefs in 2009, Edgardo Canales gathered academic distinctions, getting a long term advanced degree in finance. In this manner, Edgardo left on a legal trip at the School of Puerto Rico, completing in the satisfaction of a Juris Trained professional (J.D.) degree in 2012. Despite encountering social tangles on the way, Edgardo shown unfaltering affirmation, committing a whole year to the expansive examination of “Redirection and Media Guideline.”

Through this serious review, Edgardo dove into the multifaceted legitimate features of media and amusement, incorporating regions like agreements, licensed innovation, and administrative structures.

His significant comprehension of these complex legitimate spaces positions him as an important resource ready to make huge commitments to the powerful domains of diversion, media, regulation, and money.

Edgardo Canales: Height & Weight

Edgardo Canales flaunts a monumental actual presence, transcending at a great level of 183 cm (6 ft), which outperforms the height of the typical individual.

With a load of under 85 kilograms or around 187 pounds, Edgardo keeps a fair and solid constitution that blends well with his tall height.

Edgardo Canales Career

Edgardo Canales set out on his excursion in media outlets as an Industry Legal counselor, tracking down his expert specialty at STX Amusement.

In his ability as a chief, Edgardo took on obligations enveloping Worldwide Creation and Business and Legitimate Issues at STX, deftly exploring the complexities intrinsic in global joint efforts and diversion creation.

Before his residency at STX, Edgardo collected an abundance of different encounters, including spells at William Morris Try, commitments to the Film Bundle Organization in California, and legitimate practice at Canales Regulation Workplaces in Puerto Rico.

He spent a thorough year as a lawyer at Canales Regulation Workplaces from September 2012 to September 2013, sharpening his legitimate information.

Edgardo’s most striking proficient experience is his exceptional seven years with STX Diversion, which he started in April of 2018.

Edgardo Canales Awards & Achievements

CategoryAwards and Recognition
Community Awards LocalHumanitarian Honours
Innovation and Social Impact AwardsLeadership/Advocacy Awards
Educational and Youth Empowerment AwardsCollaborative Partner Thanks
Media and public recognitionLegacy and Lifetime Achievement Awards

All through his commended lifetime, Edgardo Canales has been the recipient of different distinctions and commendations across an alternate scope of classes. He has been respected with nearby local area grants and compassionate honors for his unflinching devotion to local area administration and philanthropic undertakings. Edgardo’s innovative responsibilities and dedication to driving positive change have been applauded with progression and social impact awards. Besides, he has been perceived for his model power and backing attempts, highlighting his convincing presence in these areas

In affirmation of his determined commitment to tutoring and youth fortifying, Edgardo has been regarded with enlightening and youth reinforcing awards, featuring his dedication to shaping the gathering on the way. Additionally, his agreeable soul and convincing collaboration have been perceived by assistants, who have offered gratitude for his helpful undertakings. Edgardo’s immense responsibilities to media and society have also been perceived through media and public affirmation for his successful work.

In conclusion, Edgardo’s persevering through heritage and momentous accomplishments have been remembered with inheritance and lifetime accomplishment grants, recognizing his significant and enduring effect in his field.

Edgardo Canales Net Worth

Starting around 2024, Edgardo Canales is expected to have a total assets adding up to $2 million. This eminent monetary status is ascribed to the significant pay earned from his regarded position, consequently contributing altogether to the general development of his total assets.

Personal Life With Adria Arjona

Adria Arjona, the mate of Edgardo Canales, is a prominent American television star and performer with inherited associations with Guatemala and Puerto Rico. Brought into the world on April 25, 1992, she is correct now 32 years old and spent her beginning phases in San Juan preceding moving to a city in Mexico. Adria’s establishments in music run significant, as her father is, truth be told, the noticed Guatemalan craftsman and lyricist, Ricardo Arjona.

Her trip in news sources began with her show in the 2012 short film “Setback,” which prepared for various minor positions until she got a state of the art an entryway as Emily in the acclaimed series “Real Examiner” in 2015. One of her most noticeable portrayals came in 2017 when she expected the occupation of Dorothy Tropical storm in the television series “Emerald City,” establishing her remaining as a gifted performer.

Adria has continued to astonish packs with her displays in productive films, for instance, “Father of the Woman,” “Morbius,” Netflix’s “Sweet Young woman,” “6 Underground,” and “Energy everybody needs.” Her adaptability and amazing acting skills have spread out her as an especially sought-after capacity in news sources.

Edgardo Canales Family Background

The underpinnings of Edgardo Canales’ commitment to the genuine getting back to can be followed back to the effect of his father, a practicing lawyer. Growing up, Edgardo likely saw firsthand both the challenges and the awards natural in a genuine calling, conferring in him a huge respect and appreciation for the field. Edgardo was logical motivated to seek after a legitimate training and emulate his dad’s example by his devotion to maintaining equity and lawful standards.

Besides, Edgardo’s relational peculiarity was improved by the ability of his mom, Radiant Guastella. Radiant extended the family’s expansiveness of information by drenching herself in the excellence and makeup industry as a Level II Leader Expert at Rodan + Fields. Her job inside this regarded organization displayed her enterprising soul as well as given Edgardo bits of knowledge into the business parts of the magnificence business. Bright’s different expert foundation probably assumed an essential part in molding Edgardo’s comprehensive way to deal with profession improvement.

Before her residency at Rodan + Fields, Radiant stood firm on a prominent foothold as an Associate Promoting Chief at Bodies The Show, a gallery spend significant time in science and human life structures. This experience presented Edgardo to the crossing point of promoting, training, and science, offering him an exceptional viewpoint on what various enterprises interweave and mean for each other. Radiant’s multi-layered vocation venture probably imparted in Edgardo the significance of flexibility and versatility, characteristics that would demonstrate priceless as he outlined his own proficient excursion.

Edgardo Canales & Adria Arjona’s Relationship 

On August 31, 2019, Edgardo Canales and Adria Arjona said their commitments. This noticeable the finish of their heartfelt excursion, which started in February 2016. Their heartfelt story showed up at its pinnacle with a shocking white wedding administration held at La Antigua, Guatemala, inside the enrapturing setting of Lodge Casa Santo Domingo. Circled by their most cherished, the couple settled on a critical movement by earlier customary gifts and then again inviting guests to provide for mistreated kids.

Since their association, Edgardo and Adria have supported their bond, frequently seen appreciating comfortable excursions and going to occasions connected at the hip. In spite of their requesting plans, they cut out minutes to love their relationship, obvious from Adria’s ardent Instagram accolades remembering their common achievements. While Edgardo keeps a position of safety via online entertainment, his presence in Adria’s life radiates through her friendly posts.

Their marriage has bloomed over the long haul, with their warmth for one another main developing further. Whether relaxing in the serenity of a Puerto Rican shore or gracing the recognized privileged pathway at events like the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Edgardo and Adria transmit a splendid bond. As they adventure forward together, their undaunted love and shared responsibility go about as a kind of perspective place of inspiration to all who witness their helping through affiliation.


Edgardo Canales, a prominent entertainment lawyer, was born in November 1987 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is best known as the husband of actress Adria Arjona. Edgardo holds a degree in finance from Boston College and a Juris Doctor from the University of Puerto Rico, with specialized studies in Entertainment and Media Law. His professional journey includes significant roles at STX Entertainment, William Morris Endeavor, and Canales Law Offices. Known for his legal expertise in the entertainment industry, Edgardo has received numerous awards for his community and humanitarian contributions. Married to Adria Arjona since 2019, the couple shares a strong bond and actively participates in various social activities. As of 2024, Edgardo Canales’ net worth is estimated at $2 million.


Who is Edgardo Canales? 

Edgardo Canales is an American entertainment lawyer known for his marriage to actress Adria Arjona and his significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

Where was Edgardo Canales born? 

He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

What is Edgardo Canales’ profession? 

Edgardo Canales is an entertainment lawyer.

Who is Edgardo Canales married to? 

He is married to Adria Arjona, a well-known actress.

What is Edgardo Canales’ educational background? 

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance from Boston College and a Juris Doctor from the University of Puerto Rico. He also studied Entertainment and Media Law extensively.

What notable positions has Edgardo Canales held? 

He has worked at STX Entertainment, William Morris Endeavor, and Canales Law Offices.

What awards and recognition has Edgardo Canales received? 

He has been honored with various awards for his community service, humanitarian efforts, and leadership.

What is Edgardo Canales’ net worth? 

As of 2024, his net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

What is Edgardo Canales’ height and weight? 

He is 6’0″ tall and weighs 85 kg (187 lbs).

Does Edgardo Canales have any children? 

No, he does not have any children.

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