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Colby Ryan, the eldest and sole surviving son of Lori Vallow, has garnered recent attention due to his participation in a Netflix docuseries called “Sins of Our Mother.” The series delves into the family’s complex history and the tragic deaths of his siblings, Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow, in Idaho. However, details about Colby’s relationship status have surfaced, including questions about his marriage and allegations of sexual assault made by his estranged wife. Here’s what we know.

Meet Kelsee Ryan, Colby Ryan Wife

Kelsee Ryan is happily married to Colby Ryan, the eldest surviving child of Lori Vallow. Their journey began back in middle school when Colby, who was friends with Kelsee’s brother, started to form a connection with her. It wasn’t until their junior high years that they both felt the potential for a deeper relationship, and it was during Kelsee’s college years that Colby officially asked her out.

Their love story faced an early challenge when Colby’s mother, Lori, didn’t initially approve of Kelsee. This disapproval stemmed from Lori’s belief that Colby was deviating from the teachings of the LDS Church. Kelsee remembered Lori’s behavior as controlling and passive-aggressive in her attempts to vie for Colby’s attention.

As Kelsee and Colby got engaged and married, Lori’s behavior became even more unusual, leading Kelsee to keep her distance. While some of Colby’s other relatives had a better rapport with Kelsee, her perspective underwent a dramatic shift following the mysterious death of Charles Vallow in July 2019.

The situation took a drastic turn with the disappearance of Colby’s younger siblings, 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow and 16-year-old Tylee Ryan. In the midst of these unsettling events, Kelsee stood by her husband’s side as they meticulously examined their family’s digital records, though unfortunately, their efforts yielded no meaningful results.

Despite the challenges, Kelsee and Colby welcomed their first child, a daughter named Riley. Their journey continued with the birth of their second child, Ava, in January 2022. Throughout these complex circumstances, Kelsee Ryan has exhibited resilience and dedication as she supports her husband, Colby Ryan, in his search for answers and in building their family amid the uncertainties they face.

Colby Ryan and Kelsee Ryan’s Relationship Status: Are They Still Married?

According to available information, Kelsee Ryan and Colby Ryan reportedly ended their marital relationship, parting ways around the middle of 2022.

On August 31, 2022, Kelsee accused Colby of sexual abuse, casting uncertainty on the future of their marital status. Kelsee informed authorities that Colby visited her residence that evening under the guise of watching television, as they were maintaining a friendship. However, what began as a consensual moment allegedly took an unwanted turn.

In her report, Kelsee asserted that she consistently communicated her desire to end the relationship and explicitly voiced her disinterest in any sexual involvement. Despite her objections, 26-year-old Colby purportedly persisted with inappropriate behavior.

There hasn’t been any further communication from Kelsee regarding the incident, and there has been no clarification on the reasons for the charges being dropped shortly after being filed. Her online presence suggests active efforts towards overcoming challenges. Currently, her focus appears to be on her job and her daughters, prioritizing her career and motherhood while residing in Mesa, Arizona.

Colby Ryan Kids With Kelsee

Colby was previously married to Kelsee Benson, and together, they welcomed two children. However, in September 2022, Colby faced legal troubles after serious allegations of sexual offenses were made against him by his ex-wife, now identified as Kelsee Ryan. These accusations resulted in his arrest, although the specific details of these claims have not been publicly disclosed.

Prior to this challenging incident, Colby Ryan gained recognition through his involvement in a Netflix documentary titled “Sins of Our Mother.” In the documentary, he openly discussed his mother’s affiliation with a religious cult. Additionally, Colby showcased his writing skills by authoring a book titled “The God Over Odds.” This book chronicles his journey, starting as the son of a mother tied to a cult and evolving into a man who found solace and resilience through his faith.

Kelsee Ryan Early LIfe

Kelsee Ryan, a licensed real estate agent based in Arizona, was previously married to Colby Ryan, a person she had known since their junior high days.

Their love story began in 2018, culminating in a December wedding held in the backyard of Colby’s grandparents’ residence. While details about Kelsee Ryan’s date of birth remain undisclosed, there is limited accessible information about her early life.

Colby Ryan Wife Kelsee Ryan Height

Regrettably, we don’t have specific details about Kelsee Ryan’s height and weight available to the public. However, estimations based on visual cues from her photographs suggest that she might be around 5 feet 5 inches tall and weigh approximately 65 kilograms. It’s essential to recognize that these are rough estimates and may not precisely reflect her actual measurements.

Kelsee Ryan Parents

As of now, there is no information available in public records about Kelsee Ryan’s parents. Colby Ryan, recognized as the son of Lori Vallow Daybell, was previously married to Kelsee Ryan. The couple shares two daughters, and one of them was born in January 2022. Unfortunately, further details about Kelsee Ryan’s parental background are not accessible in public records.

Kelsee Ryan Career

Kelsee Ryan, formerly known as Kelsee Benson, was in a marital relationship with Colby Ryan, who is the son of Lori Daybell. During their time together, they became parents to two children. Kelsee played roles in TV mini-series such as “The Truth About Lori Vallow” and “Sins of Our Mother,” where she portrayed herself.

Kelsee also made serious allegations against her now ex-husband, Colby, accusing him of rape. This led to legal charges being brought against Colby in 2022. However, these charges were eventually dismissed.

Why Kelsee Ryan Separated From Colby Ryan

Despite their strong bond, Kelsee Ryan and Colby Ryan decided to separate in mid-2022. The reason for their separation is not clear, but it may have been influenced by the stress and trauma of the situation. Kelsee Ryan expressed that she still loved Colby Ryan, and they remained friends.

However, their separation faced complications when Colby Ryan was accused of sexually assaulting Kelsee Ryan in September 2022. He was arrested and charged with two counts of sex crimes. Colby denied the allegations, asserting that their interaction was consensual. He also mentioned having a recorded conversation with Kelsee Ryan where she admitted to fabricating the assault.

The charges against Colby Ryan were later dropped without prejudice, indicating the possibility of them being refiled in the future. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office stated that the case was under review by their office.

Colby Ryan’s Current Relationship Status

As of now, Colby Ryan is not currently married. He has not publicly disclosed any new romantic relationships following his divorce. Colby is focusing on raising his daughter and navigating the emotional aftermath of losing his siblings while dealing with his mother’s trial.

Colby has actively shared his family’s ordeal through various media outlets, including appearances on Dateline NBC and Netflix’s Sins of Our Mother. Expressing anger and disbelief at his mother’s actions, he is determined to seek justice for Tylee and J.J.

Throughout this challenging time, Colby Ryan has found support from his aunt Annie Cushing, Tylee’s paternal aunt. Annie has been a vocal advocate for the victims, providing updates on the case through her social media platforms. She commends Colby for his courage and resilience in facing the tragedy.

Colby Ryan is expected to testify against his mother, Lori Vallow, and her husband Chad Daybell in their upcoming trial scheduled for January 2023. The couple faces multiple charges, including murder, conspiracy, obstruction, and fraud, related to the deaths of Tylee, J.J., Daybell’s previous wife Tammy Daybell, and Vallow’s previous husband Charles Vallow. Both have pleaded not guilty and are currently held without bail.

Kelsee Ryan Net Worth 

Kelsee Ryan was previously married to Colby Ryan, the son of Lori Vallow Daybell. While specific details about Kelsee’s financial status are not publicly disclosed, it is known that Colby’s estimated net worth falls within the range of $1 million to $5 million as of 2023.

Both Colby and Kelsee appeared in the Netflix documentary titled “Sins of Our Mother,” which explores the story of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell. However, a significant detail is that Kelsee accused Colby of rape, a claim that he vehemently denies.

Where is Kelsee Ryan Now?

Kelsee Ryan has maintained silence and refrained from making public statements since the charges against Colby Ryan were dropped. Additionally, she has deleted her social media accounts, and her current residence and occupation remain unknown.

It appears that Kelsee Ryan may have chosen to step away from the media spotlight, focusing on her role as a mother to her daughters. She could be patiently awaiting the outcome of the trial of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell, scheduled for January 2023 in Idaho.

Kelsee Ryan’s journey reflects a woman who has endured significant pain and turmoil due to her marriage to Colby Ryan. Throughout these challenges, she has exhibited courage and resilience in the face of tragedy and betrayal. Her love and compassion for Tylee and JJ, who were taken away too soon, stand as a testament to her strength. Kelsee Ryan’s story remains an untold chapter in the narrative of Colby Ryan’s wife.

Colby Ryan’s Net Worth

The specific net worth of Colby Ryan has not been publicly disclosed or determined as of now. The information provided is based on the year 2022, and the estimated figure considers his earnings from previous endeavors, encompassing his early career and diverse skills. It’s important to note that his net worth may undergo changes over time, and any updates to his financial situation will be provided here.

Additionally, it’s plausible that Colby Ryan has explored investment opportunities to potentially increase his returns and bolster the overall value of his net worth.

Kelsee Ryan Social Media

Kelsee often shares glimpses of her faith, family values, and daily life on her Instagram profile, where she can be found under the handle @girlaftergod_.

Colby Ryan, primarily known as Lori Vallow Daybell’s son, has been intricately linked to the ongoing legal challenges faced by his mother. Following the arrests, both Colby and Kelsee have chosen to distance themselves from Lori and her husband, Chad Daybell.

In June 2020, Colby and Kelsee posted pictures on social media during their visit to Chad Daybell’s property, featuring flowers and signage.

People Also Ask 

Q. Who is Kelsee Ryan?

Kelsee Ryan is the former wife of Colby Ryan, the eldest surviving son of Lori Vallow, previously known as Kelsee Benson.

Q. When did Kelsee and Colby tie the knot?

Kelsee and Colby exchanged vows in December 2018, celebrating their marriage in the backyard of Colby’s grandparents’ residence.

Q. What hurdles did Kelsee and Colby encounter in their relationship?

They faced early challenges when Lori, Colby’s mother, initially disapproved of Kelsee, creating tension within the family.

Q. Why did Kelsee and Colby decide to part ways in mid-2022?

The specific reason for their separation remains unclear, but it might be connected to the stress and emotional strain stemming from the tragic events involving Colby’s siblings.

Q. What allegations were leveled against Colby in 2022?

In August 2022, Kelsee accused Colby of sexual abuse, resulting in his arrest. However, the charges were later dropped without prejudice.


Kelsee Ryan and Colby Ryan’s lives are intricately woven with challenges, from navigating family dynamics to the heartbreaking events linked to Colby’s siblings’ disappearance. Their narrative is a tapestry of love, resilience, and the intricate nuances of personal connections. Amidst unexpected twists, legal complexities, and the quest for justice, their story unfolds against the backdrop of how extraordinary circumstances impact ordinary lives. Kelsee’s journey, characterized by her strength and compassion, stands as an untold chapter in the broader tale of Colby Ryan’s life.

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