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Ken Goldin is a notable name in the realm of sports memorabilia and collectibles. As an American entrepreneur, TV personality, and sports card enthusiast, he has gained recognition. Ken is the proud owner of Goldin Auctions, a company that has attracted attention for selling billions of dollars’ worth of sports memorabilia. Let’s explore his life, career, and other facets in simpler terms.

Real NameJennifer Goldin
Ex-spouseKen Goldin
Date of birth1964
Jennifer Goldin Age58 years old 
Known forwife of Ken Goldin

Who is the Ken Goldin Wife?

According to various online reports, Ken Goldin, known for his role in Netflix’s “King of Collectibles,” was once married to Jennifer Goldin. Their journey into matrimony reportedly began with a romantic proposal by Ken in Puerto Rico, yet the union eventually dissolved into divorce. Despite the eventual separation, the couple shared the experience of raising two children together. The news of their wedding was widely circulated across different social media platforms, garnering attention from followers of both Ken and the show.

Interestingly, Ken’s current marital status presents a peculiar twist as his present wife also bears the name Jennifer Goldin. This coincidence adds an intriguing layer to Ken’s personal life, inviting speculation and curiosity from fans and observers alike. Such anecdotes, gleaned from the public sphere, offer glimpses into the complexities of relationships and the peculiarities that can sometimes accompany them, even in the realm of celebrity.

Ken and Jenn Goldin Married Life

Ken and Jenn have been dating for quite some time, so their marriage is not unexpected. However, he divorced his first wife, so Jenn is technically his second. The reasons behind the divorce remain undisclosed. The couple shares two children together, and Ken’s first wife also gave birth to a daughter. While Ken rarely discusses his relationship with Jennifer, she is often seen at his shows and events.

Photos of the couple portray a sense of deep affection, suggesting a strong bond between them. Any updates on their relationship will be promptly addressed if Ken chooses to make it public.

Ken and Jenn’s Children

Ken and Jenn’s Children

Ken Goldin is a father to three children: Laura, Paul, and Carleigh. His ex-wife’s name is Laura. According to records, his daughter Laura is featured in the Netflix show “King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch.” His other two children are only 9 and 5 years old, so they’re still quite young. In 2023, Ken Goldin and his daughter Laura were introduced to Netflix audiences through the original series.

On-screen, Ken and his grown daughter share a great relationship, often engaging in lighthearted banter. The show delves into their dynamic, including discussions about Ken’s proposal to her mom, Jennifer, during a previous trip to Puerto Rico. The narrative provides viewers with a glimpse into the personal aspects of Ken’s life and relationships.

Ken Goldin Career Beginnings

Jennifer Goldin Career 

Ken’s journey into entrepreneurship traces back to his youth when he used his pocket money to purchase sports packs, fostering a love for collecting sports-related items. This early passion served as a precursor to his eventual career in the realm of sports memorabilia and collectibles.

In 1986, after completing his post-graduation, Ken, in collaboration with his father Paul, established The Score Board LLC. The company specialized in sports-related personalities, offering consumers autographed cards. This endeavor marked a significant milestone in Ken’s career, providing him with the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of collectibles and memorabilia.

Ken Goldin Success and Achievements

Ken Goldin Success and Achievements

Ken Goldin’s journey in the realm of sports memorabilia and collectibles stands as a testament to his remarkable achievements. With auctions totaling over $1 billion, he has overseen the sale of items connected to iconic figures in sports, history, and pop culture. Goldin Auctions, his company, has gained widespread attention, auctioning items like Mike Trout’s rookie card for $3.93 million and a limited edition LeBron James card for $2.4 million.

Ken’s impact on the industry hasn’t gone unnoticed, earning him regular appearances on national television. Whether sharing insights on Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, ESPN, or Fox Business channels, Ken provides valuable perspectives on the dynamic world of collectibles.

Jennifer Goldin Parents 

Jennifer Goldin’s parents are Sheila Altaker and Lawrence Altaker, residing in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. At 85 years old, Sheila Altaker is involved in Altaker & Freidlander Insurance. Lawrence, at 86, practiced as a specialist in Hanover, PA, accumulating over 60 years of experience. He earned his degree from THOMAS UNIVERSITY in 1962, as per Health Grades records. These details offer a glimpse into Jennifer’s family background and the professional achievements of her parents.

Jennifer Goldin Height and Weight

While specific details about Jennifer Goldin’s height and weight remain elusive, visual estimations from online photos suggest she stands around 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighing approximately 65 kilograms. These assumptions, based on casual observations, provide a glimpse into her physical attributes, including brown hair and captivating black eyes. However, it’s crucial to recognize the limitations of relying solely on visual cues for precise measurements. These speculative approximations offer insights into Jennifer Goldin’s appearance, emphasizing the importance of verified information for accurate portrayals.

Jennifer Goldin Physical Appearance

Jennifer Goldin HeightApproximately 5 feet 4 inches
WeightAround 65 kg
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlack

Jennifer Goldin Career 

Jennifer Goldin is a devoted and licensed Hospice Worker, actively contributing her expertise at Hospice, Inc. Her journey into the realm of social work commenced with a pivotal role as a Foster social worker at Youth Services Inc. from 1992 to 1996. This early experience laid the groundwork for her compassionate approach to the profession.

Seeking further growth, Jennifer expanded her horizons by embracing the role of an Activities Assistant at Lions Gate CCRC in Voorhees, New Jersey. This position showcased her versatility within the field, allowing her to engage with individuals in a different capacity.

Jennifer’s unwavering commitment to her chosen path is evident in her educational accomplishments. In 1990, she earned her Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from The University, equipping her with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of social work.

Her current position as a Social Worker at Caring Hospice reflects Jennifer’s enduring dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those she serves. Through her professional journey, Jennifer Goldin exemplifies a passion for helping others and a steadfast commitment to the field of social work.

Jennifer Goldin & Ken Goldin Net Worth

The net worth of Jennifer remains undisclosed at this time. Conversely, market reports suggest that Ken Goldin’s net worth surpasses $200 million. Goldin Auctions, his company, reportedly achieved remarkable success, generating over $800,000 in its inaugural year and accumulating a total of $200 million.

Interesting Facts About Ken Goldin Wife

  • Ken Goldin, a key figure in sports memorabilia, has a fortune exceeding $200 million through ventures like Goldin Auctions.
  • His collaboration with Netflix resulted in the reality show “The Golden Touch,” showcasing his business success.
  • Former spouse Jennifer Goldin shares the same name as his current wife, adding a unique layer to his personal life.
  • Despite divorce, Ken and Jennifer Goldin raised two successful children, Laura and Lindsey Goldin.
  • Jennifer Goldin, born in December 1964, is 58 years old, reflecting a journey of life experiences and personal growth.
  • Visual estimations from online photos suggest Jennifer is approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs around 65 kilograms, with brown hair and black eyes.


In wrapping up the tale of Ken Goldin and Jennifer Goldin, their journey unfolds as a rich tapestry woven with financial triumphs, personal connections, and intriguing turns. Ken’s ascendancy in the sports memorabilia realm, coupled with notable achievements like Goldin Auctions and the Netflix hit “The Golden Touch,” paints a picture of entrepreneurial prowess. Jennifer’s compassionate dedication as a hospice worker and her diverse social work experiences deepen the narrative. The convergence of shared names, family ties, and a joint commitment to nurturing successful children adds layers to the intricate mosaic of their personal lives. This article peels back the layers, providing a nuanced glimpse into the diverse chapters of their journeys, both individually and interwoven.

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