Rainbow Six Siege Y9S1 Update: Everything You Need To Know

Rainbow Six Siege players will finally get to witness new content. Imagine an improved version of the game with all the exciting features such as a working Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace, balanced R6 operators, and a better anti-cheat system. All of this is currently scheduled to be a part of the Rainbow Six Siege Y9S1 roadmap. 

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Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace

The R6 Marketplace is currently in its beta phase, and only a limited number of players can access it. It allows them to buy and sell their Rainbow Six Siege items with other players. As the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace was well received by every player, the developers have confirmed that it will be fully launched with the second season.

Balancing for R6 Operators

Ubisoft has confirmed that two R6 operators, Fenrir and Solis, will get rebalanced in two stages; in seasons 2 and 3. Ubisoft has not confirmed what changes will be made to them, and those who play mainly with them may have to switch to other Rainbow Six Siege operators if the R6 update ends up destroying them. 

Dokkaebi will also receive changes in the upcoming season. The community has been sharing feedback about him for quite some time, and Ubisoft has finally heard them.

Map Presets And Changes to R6 Map Training 

Since Rainbow Six Siege’s launch, R6S players have been requesting Ubisoft to add map presets so they can select their preferred maps for standard modes. And finally, as a part of the update, the map presets will make their way to the game. This feature will be available in the menu for easy access. 

Ubisoft has also decided to make major changes to Map Training. The Roadmap confirms that they will be adding a new mode to the Rainbow Six Siege Map Training playlist called ‘Endless Drill.” The developers also confirmed that they will be adding more presets and maps during the new season. 

New Anti-Cheat System 

The anti-cheat system will see improvements in the upcoming season. Those who have been banned before for using cheats will no longer be able to return to the game easily. 

Ubisoft will be testing out different elements of this system throughout the season, so the results will surely improve as we progress through it. Do keep in mind that this will not remove every cheater from the game, but it will still lower the total number. 

Wrapping up

This year is surely going to be pretty exciting for Rainbow Six Siege players due to the upcoming season. Lets just hope that everything mentioned in the roadmap makes it to the game without any issues or delays. A delay can happen if an issue arises within the development team. If that happens, we’ll update you as soon as Ubisoft announces something. 

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