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In the maze of Hollywood’s allure and charm, scarcely any figures catch the interest and interest very like Rebecca Broussard. Brought into the world with dreams as tremendous as the Kentucky skyline, she set out on an excursion that would see her effortlessness both the cinema and the sensationalist newspapers. Broussard’s life unfolds like a script filled with highs, lows, and the resilience that defines a true Hollywood story, from her captivating debut in the action-packed “Die Hard” to her entanglement in a whirlwind romance with Jack Nicholson. Go along with me as we dive into the enamoring story of Rebecca Broussard: actress, model, and silver screen enigma.

Who is Rebecca Broussard?

Rebecca Broussard, a well-known model and actress, rose to prominence primarily as a result of her work with Jack Nicholson, a well-known film producer known for his propensity for womanizing. At first, Rebecca wanted to be an actress. She started working odd jobs to make ends meet in the late 1980s and started working toward that goal. Notably, she worked as a waiter at a Hollywood nightclub. Her debut in the film industry occurred with a minor role in the blockbuster “Die Hard,” a film widely acclaimed worldwide, contributing significantly to her recognition. However, subsequent ventures in acting failed to yield similar success, leading filmmakers to assess her capabilities unfavorably.

Regarding her acquaintance with Jack Nicholson, conflicting narratives exist. While some speculate that their connection stemmed from her daughter, Jennifer, whom she befriended, Rebecca refuted such claims, asserting that they met through mutual acquaintances. Despite Jack’s involvement in a committed relationship at the time, Rebecca commenced a romantic involvement with him in 1989. Their relationship progressed to the extent that Rebecca moved in with him and bore two children for the producer before their eventual separation. Post-separation, Rebecca encountered personal challenges, evident in her erratic public behavior.

Rebecca Broussard Biography

Rebecca Broussard entered this world on January 3, 1963, hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. Details about her parents remain undisclosed, including their occupations. Growing up, she remained in her birthplace, Louisville, though information about any siblings remains elusive. Her formative years saw her attending elementary and high school within Louisville, although specific institutions remain undisclosed. Records suggest her pursuit of higher education led her to the University of Louisville, yet her chosen field of study remains a mystery.

Post-college graduation, she ventured to California, driven by her childhood aspiration of becoming an actress. Her journey into the entertainment realm commenced with modeling gigs, facilitated by securing representation with a modeling agency, gracing the pages of various print publications. In California, she undertook odd jobs, notably serving as a waitress in nightclubs such as Helena’s Hollywood, alongside featuring in numerous television commercials.

Broussard’s silver screen debut unfolded in the action-packed blockbuster “Die Hard,” enjoying widespread acclaim globally. This marked the beginning of her cinematic journey, followed by roles in productions like “The Two Jakes,” a sequel to the acclaimed “Chinatown.” However, as time progressed, her career trajectory encountered stumbling blocks. Despite her efforts, film producers regarded her acting prowess as lacking, with most of her cinematic endeavors falling short commercially and drawing harsh critique. Among her cinematic endeavors were titles like “French Exit,” “Point of Treason,” and “Attacks on Mars!” Her final appearance was noted in the experimental short film “Camera,” dated back to 2002.

Rebecca Broussard Height & Weight

Fans are normally enthused about get-together itemized body insights of famous people, frequently thinking of them as necessary to their profiles. Be that as it may, on account of Rebecca Broussard, specific estimations, including her level and weight, stay undisclosed, leaving lovers in obscurity. In any case, her bust, midriff, and hip estimations are recorded as 33-26-32 inches, giving a brief look into her constitution.

Rebecca Broussard Marriage & Personal Life

Rebecca’s notoriety seems to overshadow her professional endeavors, as her personal life takes center stage. Throughout her life, she has walked down the aisle twice, yet it’s her protracted affair that remains etched in public memory, spanning over five years. Remarkably, all her children stem from this liaison with the renowned actor Jack Nicholson.

Her initial foray into matrimony occurred in 1987, tying the knot with Richard Perry, who, back then, pursued acting but later transitioned into a noted record producer. However, their union proved fleeting, culminating in separation the subsequent year, 1988. Following her split from Perry, Rebecca found herself entangled in a romantic entanglement with Jack Nicholson, although they never formalized their relationship through marriage. This entanglement commenced in 1989, at a time when Nicholson maintained a relationship with Anjelica Huston, a prominent American actress. Eventually, Rebecca relocated to reside with the director, bearing him two offspring, notably including the acclaimed Lorraine Nicholson, alongside another child, Richard Nicholson.

The affair, which reached its conclusion around 1994, catapulted Rebecca into the limelight during the 1990s, earning her significant media attention and even securing her a few film roles, among them the lead in the straight-to-video production titled “Blue Champagne.” Despite the heightened visibility, the film failed to resonate with audiences.

Presently, Rebecca is wedded to actor Alex Kelly, although details about her spouse remain sparse. Despite their union not yielding offspring, the couple has remained together since 2001, nurturing their relationship through the years.

Rebecca Broussard Career

Prior to embarking on her acting journey, Rebecca Broussard carved a niche for herself as a thriving model. Her arresting beauty and innate charm entranced audiences, laying the foundation for her subsequent ventures in the entertainment realm.

Rebecca Broussard Net Worth

Rebecca Broussard, an American actress and model, boasts a net worth estimated at $10 million. Originally hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, she pursued higher education at the University of Louisville before venturing into the professional realm. Beginning her career as a model, she later transitioned to California, where she also took on roles as a cocktail waitress at Helena’s Hollywood Nightclub. Her acting journey commenced in the late 1980s, marking her presence in notable projects such as “Die Hard,” “The Two Jakes,” “Man Trouble,” “Blue Champagne,” “French Exit,” “The Point of Betrayal,” “Mars Attacks!,” “Cannes Man,” “Spanish Fly,” “Ringmaster,” and “Inside.”

Moreover, she loaned her voice to the person Sylvia Linsky in the computer game “Tex Murphy: Overseer.” Outstandingly, during the mid 1990s, she was sincerely engaged with Jack Nicholson, with whom she shares two youngsters, Lorraine Nicholson and Raymond Nicholson, prior to heading out in different directions. Lorraine Nicholson has since sought after a lifelong in acting and coordinating, continuing in the strides of her renowned guardians.

Rebecca Broussard Relationships Status

Broussard found herself in the midst of a widely publicized affair with actor Jack Nicholson, resulting in the birth of their two children. The ups and downs of their relationship, along with their eventual parting of ways, became fodder for tabloids and fueled gossip columns for an extended period.


Early Life: Rebecca Broussard was born on January 3, 1963, in Louisville, Kentucky. Details about her parents and siblings remain undisclosed.

Career Beginnings: She pursued her aspiration of becoming an actress by venturing to California after college. Initially, she worked as a model and waitress in nightclubs like Helena’s Hollywood.

Acting Career: Broussard made her silver screen debut in the blockbuster “Die Hard” and appeared in other films such as “The Two Jakes.” However, her acting career faced challenges, with many of her projects failing commercially.

Relationship with Jack Nicholson: Rebecca Broussard gained significant media attention for her relationship with actor Jack Nicholson, which lasted over five years. They had two children together, including actress Lorraine Nicholson.

Marriages: Broussard has been married twice. Her first marriage was to actor Richard Perry in 1987, which ended in separation the following year. She is currently married to actor Alex Kelly since 2001.

Personal Challenges: Post-separation from Nicholson, Broussard faced personal challenges, including erratic public behavior.


Rebecca Broussard, brought into the world in 1963 in Louisville, Kentucky, sought after a vocation in acting subsequent to moving to California. She at first functioned as a model and server prior to making her presentation in the blockbuster “Die Hard.” Despite early success, her acting career faced setbacks, with many projects failing commercially. Broussard gained significant media attention for her relationship with actor Jack Nicholson, with whom she shares two children. She has been married twice, with her current marriage to actor Alex Kelly since 2001.


Who is Rebecca Broussard? 

Rebecca Broussard is an American actress and former model, born on January 3, 1963, in Louisville, Kentucky. She gained prominence for her relationship with actor Jack Nicholson and her roles in films like “Die Hard” and “The Two Jakes.”

What is Rebecca Broussard’s net worth? 

Rebecca Broussard’s net worth is estimated at $10 million.

How many children does Rebecca Broussard have? 

Rebecca Broussard has two children with actor Jack Nicholson: Lorraine Nicholson and Raymond Nicholson.

Who is Rebecca Broussard married to? 

Rebecca Broussard is currently married to actor Alex Kelly, with whom she has been since 2001.

What challenges did Rebecca Broussard face in her personal life? 

Post-separation from Jack Nicholson, Rebecca Broussard faced personal challenges, including erratic public behavior.

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